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Rules for Aixeta's Creativity Grants 2020

Bases del concurs per a les Beques a la creació de la plataforma Aixeta 2020
Rules for Aixeta’s Creativity Grants 2020
Aixeta’s principal objective is to support the creative community. For that reason, we are offering two creativity grants for users of the continuous crowdfunding platform The grantees will be selected from among those who fulfill the requirements listed below.
Aixeta will award two Creativity Grants in the amounts of 500€ and 300€ respectively. Once the selection has been made, the full amount of the grant will be transferred to the creator to help them finance their creative work.
A creator who wishes to apply for an Aixeta Creativity Grant must fulfill the following requirements by May 31, 2020:
•have an open and active page on Aixeta begun by at least March 31st (that is, open and active for at least two months upon the completion of the grant period which finalizes on May 31st).
•have encouraged at least 50 patrons to subscribe to their page, contributing to their creative work through continuous crowdfunding.
•have created and made available to their subscribers at least 20 publications (of original material) on their Aixeta page.
Aixeta’s team will review each participant’s case to ensure they are qualified before the selection is made.
At the beginning of June 2020, Aixeta will choose the recipients of the Creativity Grants at random in public from among all of the participants who have fulfilled the criteria listed above. The recipients will be notified and their names and Aixeta pages announced publicly.
Would you like to win an Aixeta Creativity Grant? Write to us at [email protected] with Creativity Grants 2020 in the subject line, and give us your name and the name of your page. 
Your application for a Creativity Grant presupposes your complete and unconditional conformity with the rules described above. Aixeta’s team will clarify any doubts you may have about the interpretation of the requirements.