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The Aixeta BLOG

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The Aixeta Association is a non-profit organization with the sole objective to encourage creation and the connection between creators and their audiences. For more information about the platform, choose "How does it work?" in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Aixeta was founded by Liz Castro. Liz is a computer book author, and spent many years explaining how to use technology tools to tell their stories, with web pages, blogs and ebooks. As an activist, she has seen how people who work together are able to achieve massive goals. Aixeta, inspired by Patreon, an American platform, means to be the natural evolution of all of these activities: take advantage of technology to connect people to help them create, support artistic creation and in this fashion, strengthen democracy. 

To manage the platform, Liz founded the Aixeta Association for the promotion of culture with two enterprising women as partners. On the one hand, Mireia Domènech i Bonet, with broad experience in international corporate communication and cultural management, and Elena Fonts i Circuns, graphic designer, creator and activist. Susanna Silva, editor and coordinator of scientific and educational projects, plans and manages digital strategies.
Aixeta's principal programmer is Carles Jove, an expert in Ruby on Rails and open source code, as well as a musician, who sees the need for Aixeta for his own creativity. Joan Riba is the designer who made the platform's interface not only attractive but also intuitive and stimulating. The team begain to work on the development of the platform in the spring of 2018. 

Aixeta opened to a limited audience in the fall of 2018 and opened to the public in spring 2019.


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