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Press release: AIXETA offers two Creativity Grants

Nota de premsa sobre les beques a la creació, convocatòria de l'Aixeta per finançar creadores i creadors de la plataforma de micromecenatge continu
The crowdfunding-by-subscription platform celebrates its first birthday, with more than 100 creators 
Aixeta has opened applications for two Creativity Grants, in the amounts of 500€ and 300€ respectively, to help creators on the crowdfunding platform continue with their work. Anyone who has a page on the growing platform can participate as long as their page has been open by at  least March 31st, two months before the end of the promotion. The recipients will be chosen at random from among all those who fulfill the selection criteria: that is, by May 31, 2020 candidates must have had an open and active page during at least two months, have attracted at least 50 patrons subscribed to their page, and have published at least 20 items in any of the various possible formats (text, video, audio, images). 
One of the founding commitments of the Aixeta Association for Cultural Promotion is to redistribute the monies earned by the platform among the creative community, in order to promote the creators themselves. Aixeta’s Creativity Grants are the first step in fulfilling this commitment, and coincide with the platform’s first anniversary. The platform is managed thanks to the participation of four women who form part of the non-profit association created by Liz Castro. Its objective is to give support to projects that need continuous microfunding, so that creators can receive financial help from their patrons each month, and thus count on this support to continue creating. 
In addition to beginning the platform as a source of financing, open to any and all initiatives that need continuous microfunding, Aixeta also had its own project on the platform in 2019, with the creation of the audioseries of the Manual de desobediència civil (This is an uprising by Paul and Mark Engler) in Catalan with the participation of 80 activists from a variety of struggles (ecology, civil rights, feminism, political rights, language, etc.) presented during the Jornades sobre la desobediència civil organized by Òmnium Cultural in July, 2019.
Barcelona, March 3, 2020
For more information, contact  Mireia Domènech i Bonet  +41 77 531 53 01