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The Aixeta BLOG

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Almost ready

to launch!
We're really anxious to open the platform to new creators. We've been almost, but not quite, ready for a few days, and we've been trying to be careful and patient. We don't want you to come in and find all sorts of things that don't work, or spelling mistakes, or a complicated process you have to go through (we have enough of those!)

In this first launch, there will be a few key features that are missing, principal among them the search functionality. At any rate, since in this initial phase, the most important thing is that you pioneer creators can begin to create you rown pages and get used to the platform, we think that implementing our top-notch search system can wait just a little longer. Conversely, being able to post texts, images, audio and video and get your pages ready securely and comfortably is a top priority. 

So, be patient and don't be shy about sending us corrections, questions and suggestions so that Aixeta can be as useful to you as possible. We want to create a hopping, exciting platform full of activity and creativity. 
We are in Beta mode. It's possible you might find an error. Please tell us about it at