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Welcome to Aixeta's “Add and Multiply Yourself" Campaign!

Dear Creators!

Welcome to Aixeta's "Add and multiply yourself" campaign!

We are pleased to announce that today, November 14, 2022, we are starting the "Add and Multiply yourself" campagin in order to distribute 10.000€ among our creators and help motivate you to go out and promote your page and find new patrons.

1. How does it work?

The campaign has two kinds of awards:

  • 2x1
For each new patron you sign up, Aixeta will double their contribution. So, if you get a new 10€ subscription, we'll send you another 10€, if you get a 20€ subscription, we'll send you 20€!

  • Grants
We will give two grants (one for 300€ and the other for 500€). The first grant will be available to creators who add at least 30 new patrons to their pages, and the second to those who add 50 new patrons. The creators who add 50 new patrons will be entered in both drawings, but can only win one of them.

You can read the official rules here:

2. How do I participate?

To take advantage of the awards that Aixeta is offering, follow this link and follow the instructions:

Once we've accepted your entry, we'll start to count the new patrons that subscribe to your page.

3. What are the important dates?

The campaign will run between November 14, 2022 and January 31, 2023, and is divided into the following phases:

From November 14 to December 14, 2022 is the inscription period. Once your inscription has been validated, new patrons that subscribe to your page will be added to your tally, counting both toward your eligibility for the two larger awards and to double their contributions.
From December 15 to January 30 you will continue to sign up new patrons. We will continue to double their contributions until the 9.200€ of the campaign are exhausted, and all new patrons will be tallied to determine eligibility for the awards.
We will hold the random drawing for the two awards on January 31, 2023.

Thanks for participating, go out and get 'em and best of luck to everyone!

L'Equip de l'Aixeta
[email protected]
14 November 2022